GENMILLERS KITA-KITS SA EDSA SHANG: A Get-Together Activity for Luzon GenMillers

Jun 23, 2022 | GMC Stories



GMC Luzon Employees together with Atty. John Maximo, Legal & HR Consultant, Mr. Toto Parco, Exec. Vice-President, and Ms. Lavi Penaverde, Program Facilitator

After more than two (2) years, Luzon GenMillers finally had the chance to get together face to face, in a celebration of milestones, breakthroughs and realizations amidst the pandemic.

The event, dubbed as “GenMillers Kita-kits sa EDSA Shang,” was held last June 18, 2022 at the Mactan Function Room of the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel in Manila. It was attended by 61 Luzon employees who came in their best “tropical-themed” outfits.



Mr. Cesar Avila, Jr., Accounting Director, delivering the opening remarks for the morning activity

Mr. Cesar Avila, Jr., Accounting Director, officially opened the morning activity with a heartwarming message and his usual pleasantries that never fail to amuse the employees. The opening remarks was enough to make everybody feel at ease, as the employees were then randomly grouped into “tropical fruit” teams for their cheer presentation, where Team “Papaya” emerged as the best.


Team Papaya, Best Cheer Presentation

Each Department was also given the time to share their respective kwentos on how they coped with the pandemic and how they plan to move forward “and upward.” Each Department’s creativity in their presentations was a revelation, as they tried to integrate music, dance, and AVPs in-between. Three (3) Departments were rewarded with cash prizes for their effort, creativity and, most importantly, the content of their presentations. These are the Hatchery (3rd Place), Sales (2nd Place), and Accounting (1st Place) Departments.

1st Place, Accounting Department

2nd place, Sales Department

3rd Place, Hatchery Department

        The afternoon activity was opened by Mr. Joselito Fausto Parco, Executive Vice-President, who gave a very inspirational message and some good news to the employees. To keep their spirits and energy high, the employees were engaged into teambuilding activities, followed by the Service Award to recognize the employees who have achieved their milestone years of dedicated service to the Company.

                               Mr. Toto Parco, Exec. Vice-President, officially opened the afternoon program with an uplifting message for the employees


Team Banana in “Up in the Air” challenge

Team Pineapple busy at the “Google in Me” station

Team Watermelon executing the “Tower of Power” task

The Service Awardees, joined by GMC officers, fr. L-R: Atty. John Maximo (Asst. Corp. Secretary/ Legal & HR Consultant), John Cespedes, Roy Sambo, Nick Sebuan, Mr. Toto Parco (Exec. Vice-President), Mel Alcabaza, Marife Hufana, Lea Pascual, Lerma Valdez, and Mr. Cesar Avila, Jr. (Accounting Director)

      The event culminated with a dinner and fellowship, where the employees were treated to a sumptuous buffet and, of course, the company of each and every one.

       Organized by the HR Department in partnership with Learning Facilitator Opus Ad Lucem and Events Coordinator Happy Events, the whole-day affair was truly made memorable and special for everyone.

       Here are the rest of the highlights captured during the event:


Jamming with the band

Employees gamely danced and sang with the band

Party Time!

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