GMC Participates in Bakery World Expo

Sep 17, 2021 | GMC Product Stories

As a key player in the Bakery and Food industry,  General Milling Corporation actively participated in a three-day baking and food service exposition sponsored by the Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry in October 2018. The expo dubbed “Bakery World” is the largest baking and food exposition in the Visayas and was open to the general public, attracting close to 5,000 visitors mostly from the Visayas and Mindanao.   The expo was a venue to show innovations in products, services, technologies, market trends and opportunities in  the bakery and food industry.   

As one of the exhibitors, GMC showcased its differentiated products and capabilities by flying in Master Chef Celina David and Master Baker Nigel Saunders of Lesaffre.  They enticed the expo visitors to GMC’s booth by conducting  noodle application and  baking sessions using GMC’s high quality flour and bakery ingredients while applying advanced baking techniques.  Existing and prospective customers and visitors were treated to an interactive experience that demonstrated GMC’s products, services and business knowledge that would be helpful in starting  up or growing  their baking business.

GMC’s presence in the Bakery World expo was also an opportune occasion to network and build new customer relations, as well as to reconnect and strengthen our partnerships with existing customers.

L-R: Gerry Mendoza (US Wheat), Edwin Y. Kho (GMC Finance Director), Hubert Eric  U. Young( GMC Member of the Board of Directors), Joe Sowers (US Wheat), George U. Young Jr. (GMC President) and Joselito Fausto F. Parco (GMC EVP)

Visitors crowd GMC’s booth to watch Chef Celina David’s live noodle application demo

GMC’s Management and Sales Team with Joseph K. Sowers, U.S. Wheat Associates Regional Vice President, Philippines and South Korea

L-R: Peter Rodriguez, Master Baker Nigel Saunders, GMC EVP Joselito Fausto F. Parco

L-R: Hansel Tian, Area Sales Manager – Flour & Bakery Products; Frederick Borromeo, Samson Borromeo, Antonino Tendero, Sales Manager – Flour & Bakery Products

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