Itanong Mo Kay Master Baker

Oct 25, 2021 | GMC Product Stories

On July 24, 2021, General Milling Corporation (GMC) in collaboration with Filipino Chinese Bakery Association (FCBAI) and the Philippines Society of Baking (PSB),  held a live, virtual baking demonstration over Facebook titled Itanong Mo Kay Master Baker.  The event was attended by hundreds of participants in and out of the Philippines.


GMC’s master baker Rogelio Amparo, Jr. showcased three (3)cake varieties namely vanilla & chocolate cupcakes, dream cake and cake truffles.  The cupcakes were intricately designed with non-dairy cream paste on top which can be sold individually, as flower bouquets or arranged in baskets.

Our ultimate chocolate dream cake was to die for consisting of two (2) chocolate cake bases with chocolate pudding in between topped with chocolate ganache and cocoa powder. Truly an addictive taste for chocolate lovers, you just don’t want to stop eating this cake.  The dream cake was packaged in a tin can to make it look fancy, a perfect gift for any occasion!

Finally, all left-over cake bases were mashed and mixed with cream cheese.
with sprinkles of your choice. All cake products presented during the live demo were easy to make, delicious and offered bakers different techniques in selling cakes of different forms and sizes.  These were not just perfect gifts for any occasion but make an ideal product line up for our bakery entrepreneurs!


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