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“We create an environment that nurtures personal and professional growth, development, and enhances their quality of life.”

In support of our vision, mission and corporate values, we make sure to invest the total operation in meeting our goals through our most valuable source – OUR PEOPLE.

We have a continuous effort to develop, implement and support programs and processes that add value to our people, and to our organization, as a whole. All of which leading to an improved employee welfare, empowerment, growth and retention.

2019 Leadership Training

Photo taken on September 20-21, 2019 during a Leadership Training with the title “Building a Highly Effective and Synergistics Team (B.H.E.S.T.)” at Pacific Cebu Resort, Lapu-lapu City, Cebu.

I am humbled and grateful to General Milling Corporation for the wonderful opportunities given to me. The friendly and collaborative work environment, as well as the overwhelming support of GMC Top Management have made me grow professionally. I am grateful as I feel I am being taken care of, and my contribution is being valued.


Logistics Head, Logistics Department

I’ve started working for GMC since 1990 that is for 31 years already. I am very much thankful to work for a progressive company. Despite the economic crisis and the pandemic that we are facing now, GMC has remained strong and continued to help us by maintaining our employment. Indeed, GMC cares for all of its employees.


Draftsman, Central Engineering – Electrical Eng’g Group

Working for GMC is a worthwhile experience. I am blessed to be surrounded by great mentors who have inculcated a culture of camaraderie. I am beyond grateful for the trainings and seminars that helped me hone my skills as a Chemist. The company makes sure that every Genmiller is provided with adequate knowledge so that everyone can perform their designated responsibilities in the company’s pursuit of providing quality and safe products.

GMC has been a second home to me. With “malasakit” as one of our core values, we develop a sense of empathy to the company and to our fellow Genmillers. The Management’s support is also evident in promoting the holistic development of its employees. Yoga classes and CSR activities help us show our spirit of volunteerism.

I love my job here in GMC. The feeling of satisfaction after a day’s work and waking up in the morning with vigor is paramount.


QA Supervisor -Flour, Quality Assurance

Our family has a long connection with GMC. My father who was a GenMiller was able to provide for our family’s needs and was able to send us to school. I followed my father and chose to work for GMC too. I never had any regret of choosing to work here. Like my father, I was also able to provide for the needs of my children, and sent them to school. I am proud to say I now have 2 professionals. All of these, I owe to GMC. I will never forget how GMC played a big role in my life and for helping me achieve the dreams of my family.


Sifterman, Flour Mill Operations

Sa kalinghud sa akong pangidaron kaniadto, gidawat ako sa GMC ug ako nahimong haligi sa among panimalay, timbang sa akong inahan.

Tuod man, swerte ko sa mga edaran nga mga Genmillers sauna tungod sa ilang pag giya ug pag-agak ka nako isip usa ka manghud o anak nila. Makaingon gyud ko nga aduna koy pamilya diri sa GMC.

Sa laing bahin, mapasalamaton ko ug dako sa GMC sa pag tabang, kay isip usa ka GenMiller, proud ko nga:

1. Nakapalampos sa pagtuon sa akong manghud;
2. Napa-ayo ug napatarong nako ang among balay;
3. I’ve grown to be a matured person;
4. Nakit-an nako akong forever sa GMC. Wala gayud nako damha nga naa ra diay sa duol akong swerte, ang akong bana nga usa pud ka GenMiller.


Data Encoder, Flour Mill Operations


GMC is always looking for ambitious, smart and dedicated people. If you are looking for a career where your work makes an impact check our latest openings.