Oct 23, 2021 | GMC Let's Bake

How to make Patatas Cracker:

  ”Banya’ Preparation
 – In a clean bowl, mix Group 2 ingredients until fully incorporated. Set aside.
Dough Preparation:
1. Mix all Group 1 ingredients until fully incorporated.
2. Remove the dough from mixer. Develop and flatten dough through dough rollers.
3. Spread out the flattened dough on the table and apply “banya” using a brush.
4. Fold into “letter fold” and flatten using dough rollers.
5. Fold into “book fold” and flatten again.
6. Repeat step No. 5
7. Final sheet dough into 4 to 5 mm.
8. Cut into square shapes with dimension of 4cmx4cm.
9. Par-boil in boiling water until the dough floats.
10. Arrange on baking sheets.
11. Bake at 180°C for 15-18mins


Please see attached link guide on how to do book fold and letter fold.

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