GMC debuts Food Safety and Quality Week

Jun 13, 2024 | Featured Articles, GMC Highlights

First of many — General Milling Corporation (GMC) marked June 3 to 7, 2024 as Food Safety and Quality (FSQ) Week in observance of the World Food Safety Day (WFSD) on June 7.

Adopting this year’s WFSD theme, “Food safety: prepare for the unexpected”, GMC’s FSQ Week campaigns on raising awareness  on the importance of readiness and action towards unforeseen food safety emergencies, highlighting its own food safety and quality management systems programs and policies. 

The celebration commenced on June 3 with a gathering of all department managers, members of the food safety team, and senior management at GMC Activity Center to mark the official opening of the week-long program.

Engr. Parco expressing his full support of the week-long celebration during his opening speech

During his opening speech, Engr. Toto Parco, company’s EVP and FSQMR, expressed the importance of being prepared for unexpected events that may compromise food safety and quality resulting in serious health risks and customer dissatisfaction. He added that GMC, as a customer-driven institution, has been prepared for the anticipated things to happen but should be more ready for the unknown. Genmillers should prioritize the safety, quality, and total satisfaction of its strategic partners to sustain the business, he further stated. 

The speech was followed by an overview of the WFSD campaign by Miko del Rosario, IMS Jr. Manager, detailing the rationale behind the WFSD on June 7 and the run-through of FSQ Week 2024 schedules. Events composed of bulletin board design competition, various hybrid (virtual and face-to-face) seminars, and food safety race, to name a few.

The ceremony concluded with an oath-taking led by the food safety team, and signing of the FSQ commitment wall by all attendees. Through this program, the organizing committee (IMS) and food safety team aim to inspire all employees in taking their part in producing safe and quality products that meet legal and customer standards, to instill a mindset of a food safety champion, and elevate the passion for a positive FSQ culture to greater heights. 



Read the full highlights of events here 

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