May 22, 2023 | GMC Stories

May 20, 2023 was another memorable day for Luzon GenMillers as they headed out to Subic, Zambales for a beach adventure. And what an adventure it truly was.

Upon setting foot at the venue, “Adventure Beach Waterpark,” the GenMs were served with morning snacks to fuel their bodies with energy enough to prepare them for a challenge of strength and endurance. They were divided into three teams that battled it out in a series of team building activities and games, where Team 2 emerged as the Champion. Surely, the activities did not only test their physical endurance but their emotional intelligence as well, as it enjoined them to communicate, cooperate and rely on one another to complete their tasks.

GenMillers were then treated to a sumptuous lunch buffet before they continued the fun and excitement in the afternoon, drenching themselves in the waters, singing their hearts out in a fun videoke session, and ultimately enjoying each other’s company.
















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