Jan 11, 2024 | GMC Stories

                In a simple celebration of togetherness and fellowship, Luzon GenMillers had their “Year-end Salo-salo” last December 14, 2023 at Max’s Restaurant in Forbestown BGC, Taguig City. Prior to the closing of another year’s chapter, GenMillers had the chance to reconnect and bond with one another over lunch coupled with fun activities in-between.

           All Luzon Departments were well-represented as each was called and enthusiastically signified their presence before partaking of the food that was served. To keep the ball rolling, everyone got the chance to momentarily go back to their childhood self and play the “Bato-Bato Pick” challenge. It was an electrifying match that infused excitement to each and everyone until Ms. Merle Abatayo from Executive Office emerged as the last one standing and hence declared as the winner.  

             Before the Salo-salo ended, Engr. Joselito Fausto “Toto” Parco, Executive Vice-President, gave a heartfelt message to the GenMillers. He also joined in the handing of the cash prizes to the winners of the “Huling Hirit Pa!” Three (3) lucky winners were chosen, Kimberly Gula, Anyalla Kinda Beros and Allyssa Loreine Callo, as they found the huling hirit cards underneath their chairs.


                  It was a simple yet memorable GMC Luzon Year-end Salo-salo 2023.



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