Nov 29, 2021 | GMC Stories


It was another day filled with learnings as Luzon Genmillers get to familiarize themselves more with the company’s flour products, and at the same time learn some baking skills courtesy of Master Baker Jhun Amparo of Sales.

Technical Sales Specialist MJ Orantia presented and explained each product’s specifications, description and usage application for the following GMC brands: General, Baker’s Choice, Flagship, Islands, Isla, Swan Brand, Red Bowl, White Tower, and Red Star’s Active Dry Yeast, Instant Dry Yeast, and Fresh Yeast, among others.


The presentation was then followed by a baking demonstration using some of the GMC products to come up with delectable homemade chocolate chewy crinkles and special doughnuts.

The excitement and interest of the attendees were evident as they raised questions regarding the purchase accessibility of the GMC flour products, recipes and other technical suggestions for a nice finished product output.

On the whole, the virtual activity was a success, made possible by the technical expertise of presenters from Sales, well-thought-out preparation by the HR Team, and the warm participation by the employees.

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